The Turbo Boost Batmobile is a Spring 2022 feature RC for boys 5-8. It features a remote-triggered wheelie function that utilizes a third servomotor to launch the vehicle into a rear wheelie. Includes a thruster LED to mirror the movie vehicle, synched to driving and charging functions.
The All-Terrain Batmobile is the first action-figure compatible and all-terrain RC. Driving with ease over dirt, rocks, grass, and pavement, this vehicle even powers over water. High-powered servos and proprietary EPP foam tires keep weight minimal and speed maximal.
The Freestyle Force Grave Digger is an Outdoor Stunt RC that uses high-tech gyroscopes and encoders to maintain wheelies on any terrain. Using specialized TPR tires, highly calibrated sensors, and a lightweight frame, users can pull off tricks in Freeform and Guided stunt modes.
Gravitor is an indoor hand-operated flight toy utilizing infrared sensors and a lightweight EPP foam body. With a calibrated flight motor, this little UFO can pull off "yo-yo" balancing tricks, boomerang throws, and barrel rolls.
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